meets hospitality

We are unlike everyone.

At unKommon, we’re not just high-end experiential experts. We’re also hospitality veterans who’ve visited every nightclub, buzzy festival, underground speakeasy, even our share of Cannes after parties—gathering inspiration from all corners of the globe, so we can unleash that creativity on our once-in-a-lifetime events.

Every one of your guest’s needs and expectations: we’ve anticipated it, because we’ve seen it, so we’ve planned for how to exceed it. That’s what experiential meets hospitality means. That’s what makes us unKommon.

Our Work

We are unexpected.

If it’s predictable, it’s a pass. We surprise our clients with ideas they would never have envisioned, then turn those concepts into experiences their guests won’t see coming…and certainly won’t see again.

Our Clients

Our founder & CEO

Seth Kaplan knows no one goes to every event they’re invited to. 

What they do go to are the experiences that seem absolutely unmissable. Like if they’re not there, they’ll lose out on a story they could be telling for years and years to come.

So at unKommon, those are the only kinds of experiences he creates.

Having co-founded and captained the entertainment division of In the Know Experiences for 15 years, Seth was ready to follow his passion and raise the bar across the events space. His hospitality know-how and industry connections have put him in an unparalleled position to create those unforgettable experiences, for both brands and individuals alike.

Because the way Seth and his team see it, no event should ever be just an event. It should be an epic memory in the making.